REENTECH has an engineering team and qualified technical staff who have specific in-depth knowledge about products to assist clients in consultations and to support the sale and installation of CrystalFLoor (Polished Concrete).

We also improve our technical team to provide better service. Furthermore, we never stop to look for innovative products to improve the concrete floor business in Thailand. We are committed to providing the highest standard to reach our goals as the Expertise Solutions.

Today REENTECH proceeds our business with the following products:

Crystal Floor

Concrete polishing is the earliest floor system that can solve many problems of the polymer floor coating system. 

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Polished concrete dye system for interior & exterior, that will create your trendy design to cover clients’ requirements.

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TRU Self Leveling

An Advanced hydraulic cement base, self-leveling topping, resurfacer, and underlayment.

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Cretefill Pro 85

Polyurea Elastomer joint filler. Tack free in 10-12 minutes. Application can be reopened to vehicle or foot traffic in 1 hr.

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