crystalfloorCrystal Floor Concrete polishing is the earliest floor system that can solve many problems of the polymer floor coating system. Concrete polishing system is founded on over 10 years of concrete experience.

Crystal Floor Concrete Polishing has become the foundation of modern building because of its modern look, durability, resistance to the elements, lower investment cost compared to the polymer system, long life with low maintenance cost and environment friendly. In addition, the system provides zero volatile organic content.

  1. Increase abrasion resistance (ASTM C779)
  2. Increase impact strength (ASTM C805)
  3. Increase reflectivity
  4. Increase density of concrete surface
  5. Higher scratch resistance than polyurethane, epoxy, MMA and many other floor covering
  6. Higher heat resistance than polymer coating
  7. No effect from ULTRAVIOLET no yellowing effect.
  8. Reduce water and oil absorption to concrete surface
  9. Breathable avoid underground moisture problem
  10. Crystal floor system provides zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content)


Long Life Service Time

  • Good abrasive resistance
  • Extreme scratch resistance
  • Stain-resistant (Rubber/PU wheel mark)
  • Durability
  • No peel off damage (Moisture breatable floor)
  • No repair mark



  • Modern impressive look
  • High cleanliness atmosphere
  • Reflective surface
  • Long lasting beautiful floor
  • No scratch mark
  • No rubber wheel mark
  • Long term lusting effect
  • No moisture bubble problem
  • No peel off
  • No repair mark
  • No yellowing effect


  • Lower initial cost compared with other floor covering
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long life more than 10 years
  • Energy saving by increasing ambient light


  • Odorless, dustproof
  • No harmful chemical
  • Environment friendly

  • Industrial Floor and Warehouse
  • Grocery Store
  • Car Service Center
  • Rice Mill
  • Household Store 
  • Fashion Outlet
  • Residential
  • Rejuvinale